Who are we?

We are a reseller of multi-officially authorized IT products from the UK, with diversified prices
LAWRENCE24 provides a wide selection of more than 30,000 stock products, and more than 25,000 references from the largest brands, which are carefully selected from the IT equipment world.
Its very diversified and continuously enriched products and services include models and accessories from major brands such as TVs, high-fidelity, photos, multimedia, notebooks, printers, image processing, graphics cards, DIY, games, storage social security, network accessories, etc. The latest innovation of the basic model...and, at the best price!

Why buy from us?

1.As a UK authorized reseller of Samsung, HP, Sennheiser, Lexmark, Asus, Seagate, and other well-known brands, the quality of our products can be guaranteed,
In addition, imported products have a 24-month warranty
2.Best shopping guarantee
Trusted Shops Trustmark-The experts at Trusted Shops do everything possible to ensure that every purchase in any shop with the Trusted Shops Trustmark is secure and offers an enjoyable shopping experience. But if problems or disagreements arise, you can always rely on the fact that your money is safe with the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection.

3.Samsung, Xiaomi, HP, Zebra, Lenovo, Canon, Sony SLR cameras, all lenses in UK stock, no gray imported products, to ensure that all products are brand new


To this end, LAWRENCE24 relies on the strength of its procurement center, which directly negotiates prices with brands as much as possible, so that customers can benefit from the most favorable prices.
With its purchasing power and commercial responsiveness, LAWRENCE24 quickly established itself as a major player in home appliances, always at the forefront of novelty and discounted prices!
Impeccable service quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is your company a British reseller?
Yes, we are a reseller from the UK
2. Is there a stock?
Most products we mark visible are in stock,but if there are out of stock temporarily ,we will cancel and full refund 
3. Is the product a UK version? Is it brand new?
90% of our product versions are from the UK version. Canon, Sony camera SLR cameras, lenses are all in UK stock, no gray imported products, to ensure that all products are brand new
4. How long can it be delivered? In addition to mobile phone,LENS,CPU,GPU products, our products can be delivered within 3 working days. Mobile phone products are usually located in the European Union/US, so the delivery time is longer than that of UK products.(about 7-12 working days)
5. Do you accept bank transfers?
Yes, you can choose the payment method of bank transfer for the order, and our bank account will be notified in the email
6. If I don’t like it, can I return it?
Yes, a special reminder. Regarding mobile phone products, if the system has been activated, we cannot give a full refund if there is no failure. We will charge a 15% re-listing fee. Other products have been opened without failure. We charge 12% of the selling price. If the product fails, we will complete the free return via the email guide. If the product is not used and not opened, we only charge the shipping fee.
7. Why can't I check the logistics track?
Usually 99% of our parcels can receive the shipping reminder in the second working day. Mobile products need to update the logistics number after 5-6 working days. Due to Brexit, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the logistics time. We will deliver it as soon as possible
8. Is it possible to pay in installments?
We are adding more payment methods, please wait
9. Can it be shipped outside the UK, or internationally?
Our products can be delivered in the UK and all of the EU area, but cannot be delivered to other regions and countries


How to choose a model if you want to buy the UK version?
No problem, we did not indicate that all EU models are from the UK and can be delivered the next business day. Official warranty

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